Foods served at the best Indian restaurants

Tuesday May 18, 2021 |
Foods served at the best Indian restaurants

Have you visited an Indian restaurant while living in Dubai? If not, then you should definitely visit one today. Following are some mouthwatering foods served at best Indian restaurant in Dubai which you should definitely try.

Makhni chicken: Makhni chicken is a delicious and a very tasty dish in which the chicken remains tender and it is cooked in a sauce that is made up of tomato. That sauce is a bit spicy. This dish is mostly prepared in tandoor because it is a tradition. However, it can be grilled, baked or even fried in a pan. These methods depends upon your convenience.

For people who don’t like to eat chicken, you can still eat the delicious and appetizing Makhni chicken. What you need to do is get chicken replaced with tofu and there you go all set to eat the tasty Makhni chicken.

Matar paneer: If you are a vegetarian then this Indian dish is something you cannot resist. The origin of matar paneer is basically from the districts of Northern India. First a delicious sauce of tomato is prepared and then matar and paneer are added. Also, some seasoning of garam masala is done to make the dish more delicious.

Matar paneer itself is very yummy but to make it proper meal and tastier, you can have it with a piece of bread or even cream. This will enhance the taste of the dish and you will be so happy that you tried matar paneer.

Chicken tandoori: Chicken tandoori is a very famous dish of North India. This dish comprises of chicken that is roasted along with yogurt and flavorings. Chicken tandoori is mostly prepared in tandoor because it is a tradition.

If you want to enjoy chicken tandoori properly, then you should definitely try it with rice or naan. The taste of chicken tandoori becomes so much better than you think.

Gobi Aloo: Gobi aloo is a vegetarian dish of India. This dish is prepared with aloo and gobi. It has a light color which includes both orange and yellow colors. The color of this dish is such because turmeric is used when gobi aloo is made.

Sometimes when gobi aloo is cooked, kalongi is also added. Otherwise the regular ingredients that are used includes onion, tomato, ginger, cumin, garlic, etc. Gobi aloo is one of the famous dishes that people eat whenever they go to Indian restaurants.

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