How to choose the right toy for your kids?

Monday May 10, 2021 |
How to choose the right toy for your kids?

Give a child a new gift — almost any toy — and you’ll almost certainly have a happy child. When it comes to baby and children’s toys, most children aren’t picky, but parents can be.

Toys are more than just playthings, and they should be age-appropriate, relaxing, and healthy in addition to being enjoyable. Keep the following in mind when selecting age-appropriate baby toys or children’s toys for a small child:

Keep it as straightforward as possible.

Toys that do so many prevent a child from using his or her imagination. Dolls and stuffed animals that speak, sing, or lead children to push those buttons take command of the play scenario where the child should be the one in charge. “When a toy is so specific, it’s restricting, and it prevents the child from using her creativity. The best toys, like blocks, are always the easiest because they empower children to be imaginative and spontaneous. The newborn baby items may have a huge variety but you need to be careful for: do you even need it?” as new parents!

Limit your children’s access to technological toys and video games.

We live in an electronic era, and any parent who believes they can keep their child — even a toddler — away from computers and other electronic devices for the rest of their lives is delusory. However, setting boundaries is particularly important for small children. Electronic toys have been linked to many health and developmental risks in infants, including hearing loss (due to noisy toys), weight gain (due to inactivity while playing), and language and developmental delays, according to research.

Don’t be fooled by toys that claim to be educational.

The educational toy industry is booming, preying on parents’ concerns that their children must learn as much as possible as quickly as possible in order to gain a competitive advantage in the future. Not all age-appropriate toys are poor intrinsically — CDs that introduce children to classical music or foreign languages, for example, are good — but many infant and children’s toys claim to promote brain growth or improve early readers and mathematicians.

Just leave a few toys out at a time.

Don’t be in a hurry to swap old toys with new ones since the same toy will take a kid through several developmental stages. Some of the most common toys, such as blocks, serve so many developmental roles that parents can resist the urge to replace them with something ‘newer.’

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