Things to know about influencers

Sunday April 25, 2021 |
Things to know about influencers

An influencer is a person that has the ability to impact the people’s decision in any shape and form. This ability generally comes from the power, position, knowledge, authority, reach and fame of the person. Over the past few years, the number of influencers have grown rapidly with the growth of internet. A general conception behind being an influencer is that it is an extremely easy job, where an influencer just have to login to their social media accounts daily, post about anything and everything, upload a picture or two and the job is done.

However in reality, an influencer actually has to be able to affect his or her audience’s actions, habits and most importantly their decisions. An influencer must build a name for themselves in the field that they have expertise. They post regularly on that topic to get the maximum attention of the people who are genuinely interested in that particular topic and have respect to their views. Top influencers in Dubai vary greatly in their respective fortes. Arab influencers in Dubai are getting popular in almost every niche that you can think of.

Celebrities as the original influencers

If we talk about the background and history of influencers then we must mention the origin of this influencer culture. Back in the old days, the most dominant medium of entertainment amongst the very few was cinema and movies. All the people who were attached to that medium of entertainment, and especially those who featured in films and movies as lead actors were under the prime spotlight. People adored them for their craft that they represented on the big screen.

The influencing culture was born the very moment when someone tried to adopt the hairstyle that the actor sported, or they tried to copy their dressing style. That is when celebrities were beginning to influence people in a way that they did not even realize. When the influence culture gained popularity and agencies started to notice the impact that these celebs had on the general masses, they started to think of it as a marketing strategy. It was a brilliant idea to get the brand endorsed by the celebs to get the maximum impact on the audience. This resulted in a great hike in the sales of the product that any celebrity endorsed.