Whenever we saw a building getting constructed, we always wanted it to be a recreational center, a mall or a restaurant but none of us ever said that it should be the best hospital in Dubai. Now since the world is under the threat of the coronavirus, we can clearly see that there is no use of recreational centers, shopping malls or the restaurants.

Instead of these buildings, people could have invested in making cheap hospitals where they could treat the effected people and avail the melasma laser treatment. But what is done, is done and the best we can do is stay home so that we stay away from the hospitals.

Staying at the hospitals is the worst feeling ever and for some reason we think that you should know about some interesting facts about hospitals and its industry. Keep reading to find out more.

  1. We think that there are less hospitals but guess what, alone in the U.S. there are over 5700 hospitals and we have no even added the private medical clinics yet but somehow the hospitals still are less.
  2. The above-mentioned figures are divided into three categories; 2900 are the non-profit hospitals, 1060 are the profit hospitals and the 1014 hospitals are owned by the locals or by the state which includes hospital district and county.
  3. Not all of these hospitals are in the city, 1971 hospitals are in the rural communities and they are called the rural hospitals.
  4. Some people criticize that the maximum budget of the country goes to the army when even it is not required but for your record, in 2014, the budget was increased up to $3 trillion and now you can well imagine what the figures look like and it is still less.
  5. Some people think that hospitals, on purpose keep the patients so that their medical expenses increase but a survey was done in 2016 which showed that even in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the patient consumed a bed for max four to five days. Which means that the hospitals treat the patient faster.
  6. There are some hospitals which have prescribed beer as some patients can become impatient during a withdrawal.
  7. And, in Germany, it is common for patients to get a beer before they go to bed.

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