The different types of heart doctors

Monday May 17, 2021 |
The different types of heart doctors

There is more than one type of doctor in the world and for people who have heart problems, or may be inclined to develop heart issues through their family history, cardiologists are the doctors they have to see. Again, there is more than one type of heart doctor and the exact problem with your heart determines which one to opt for.

Many different kinds of heart doctors and best cardiac surgeon are there to deal with problems concerning the muscle itself, the rhythm of the heart, and the circulatory system involved. Read more if you are unfamiliar with the different kinds of heart doctors:

• General cardiologist: For someone who may have a heart issue, a general cardiologist is a basic heart doctor that will monitor the overall health of the heart, and treat some problems. However, for particular problems, this heart doctor will refer their patient to the next level which is an interventional cardiologist.

• Interventional cardiologist: While a cardiologist can perform some basic surgical procedures, an interventional cardiologist treats more specific heart problems, like coronary artery disease, diseases of the heart valves, and peripheral vascular disease. Angioplasty is one of the common procedures that these cardiologists perform, which is inserting a balloon into an artery to help blood flow to the heart.

• Electro physiologist: This type of heart doctor has a very specific area of the heart, i.e. the way the heart beats. In order to properly circulate blood through the body, the heart has to beat in a special way. The electro physiologist carries out some tests to determine what is going on, and if a procedure needs to be done, this doctor can do it.

• Pediatric cardiologist: Children who may have been born with some kind of heart abnormality can be treated by pediatric cardiologists. To ensure proper functioning of a child’s heart, a pediatric doctor will do some in-office testing. The doctor makes sure that everything works fine as the child grows into an adult.

A regular heart doctor investigates the general health of the heart and if someone needs a heart procedure, other cardiologists that specialize in operating in order to clear out the arteries and repair the valves are the best options. Many different kinds of heart doctors can also do things like monitoring the heart to ensure that it’s healthy, and also provide treatment for various conditions.