We live in a world of discrepancies that in the early years should continue to be celebrated as it is at present. But this celebration of diversity must also address and never leave bigotry unchallenged.

Many people blankly believe that politics plays a role in the kindergarten. Peter Moss wrote a paper about this topic as long ago as 2007, and then I read and thought it important, and my views have not changed. A good EYFS nursery Dubai school will definitely help build your child as an anti-racist.

From the beginning of six months, babies observe physical differences, including skin color. Studies show that children up to 5 years of age may show signs of racial distortion, such as a better treatment of people from one race. The protection of children is not ignored or avoided, it leaves them exposed to prejudices that exist wherever we live. Children who experience racism may feel lost when trying to understand why they are treated in a manner that may affect their long-term growth and wellbeing in turn.

Happy Diversity

Try to find ways to expose your child to various cultures, ethnic groups and peoples. Such positive relationships with other social and racial groups help to reduce bias and foster more group friendships early on. The outside world can still be brought home. Discover food from other peoples, read your stories, and watch your movies.

Be aware of racial prejudicial ties in books and films and search for books which show people in various positions from different races. Consider minority actors who play complex or leading characters. In overcoming racist and discriminatory stereotypes this will go a long way.

In school, learn from your teacher how prejudice is covered in the prevention and handling of class and school laws. Join parents’ organizations in order to share teachers and school leadership resources and issues. A nursery Umm Suqeim makes sure the kids don’t develop any racist, or non-social thoughts about the fellow kids!

To better comprehend the present, exploring the past together. Historic events such as South African apartheid ending, the United States Civil Rights movement and other equality movements around the world remain symbols of a traumatic history that communities continue to emerge from. Understanding them together will illuminate how far we have been and how much more we must go. These shared experiences will also help your child develop confidence and openness to other viewpoints.

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